Muscat Grand Mall


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Muscat Grand Mall

The mall's impressive size lives up to the "grand" part in its name. Local and international brands, a large variety of eateries, a cinema and an international chain supermarket are all contained under one roof here. The top floor boasts a cosy shisha bar perfect for the after hours.


Visitors to Muscat are free to choose between an authentic shopping experience in the souqs and modern, air-conditioned shopping malls established in the recent years (primarily in central Muscat and its upmarket suburb of Qurum). The souqs in Muscat and Muttrah are a vibrant, lively experience fit for those ready to haggle and actively pursue great bargains. Clothing, leather goods, local art and handicrafts, ceramics, gold and jewelry are some of the items on sale in the city's windy souqs. Western-style shopping malls, on the other hand, sell primarily international brand clothing and accessories, and often house grocery stores, food courts and entertainment venues.