The Beach Restaurant


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The Beach Restaurant

Located at The Chedi (a luxury resot in the heart of Muscat), The Beach Restaurant offers unbeatable views over the Gulf of Oman and serves exqusite International Fusion dishes with a special emphasis on seafood. With its unbeatable beachfront location and extensive wine list, a visit to the restaurant makes for a very special dining experience.


Omani cuisine is halal meat-dominated, with Arabian and Indian influences easily traceable. Some of the typical local dishes include grilled meats, shwarma, and biryani. Muscat's seaside location makes for a heavy emphasis on seafood in local cuisine as well. Restaurants in Muscat are often located on hotel premises and cater primarily to expats and tourists (most locals favour cafes over fine dining). The variety of cuisine choices, however, is certainly impressive and ranges from traditional Omani to Indian, Pakistani, European, and Asian.