Al Makan Café


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Al Makan Café

Al Makan is a great nighttime venue, for it's location on the top floor of the Muscat Grand Mall makes for some stunning views of Muscat at night. Apart from food (a large variety of local dishes served here) Al Makan also offers shisha, hot Moroccan tea and fresh juices.


Western-style restaurants are a foreign import to Oman, while cafes enjoy a much higher popularity among locals and often make for dining experiences no less tantalizing. "Shwarma" is, perhaps, the most popular local eat, and is made with roasted beef or chicken wrapped in bread with salad and vegetables. Grilled meats (or "kebabs") are another local speciality, often served with flatbread and hummus. Another dish typical of the area is "biryani", which often simply means chicken leg with rice and spices. Cafes normally offer a variety of fresh juices to go with a meal, along with coffee ("gahwa") spiced with cardamom and cloves.