Duke's Bar


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Duke's Bar

Located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Duke's Bar is heralded as one of the finest in Muscat. With its variety of drinks, some food options (fish and chips a popular choice) and unbeatable views over the water, the bar is a perfect venue to unwind while listening to live music (frequently performed by the hotel pool).

Bars & Nightlife

Muscat is an unexpectedly vibrant and photogenic city by night. Taking a stroll along the Corniche or wandering through the Muttrah area may offer a glance into local life hidden from sight during daytime. Those interested in smoking shisha will not find themselves at a loss - cafes that serve shisha are widely available throughout. When it comes to bars and clubs, most local nightlife is limited to hotel premises due to restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol in the country. However, some hotels do pack a punch, and finding a suitable venue should not pose much difficulty.